Bespoke services for food & drink


With over 30 years experience in both food and drink, our team is capable of handling project. Having worked with Wilder Restaurant and the Boundary Hotel, Michael O’Hare at Man Behind the Curtain, Tom Sellers at Story, and many more, we have covered drink development, menu design, web design, hiring and opening venues. Contact us at to start a conversation.

Canning & Bottling

We have in house capacity to help with both bespoke bottling and bespoke canning in London. Planning gift boxes to thank your company team? Or did you want a bespoke wedding cocktail in your own custom labelled can? We can make these things happen regardless of the volume you need. Are you a brand that wants to provide a signature serve at an event? We can do that too.


We can also help improve effectiveness and productivity, along with drink development, and dish costing; by helping to implement and train staff to use Ethyl, our hospitality software, written in house and developed by Little Mercies owner Alan Frost.


If you have an existing drinks program, we can still help with training and development. From the simplest improvements, like batching cocktails, or pre-diluting or increasing speed of service to the super technical; we can help bring your team up to speed on using modern techniques and equipment like centrifuges or rotary evaporators.