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Opened in October 2018, Little Mercies is a local neighbourhood bar, serving draft beers and cider, great coffee and delicious cocktails. We make simple tasty drinks, with no pretension.

Our focus is on cocktails, with an aim to be easy drinking, and seasonal. With a rotating menu, we use modern kitchen techniques and ingredients to create drinks that are delicious and unique to the city.

We take great care selecting our wine, which we rotate regularly, as will our beers. Our coffee is from Alchemy.

Alan previously worked in Hawksmoor, Peg+Patriot and in the beginning of 2017 opened Scout as the Bar Manager with Matt Whiley, aka The Talented Mr Fox.

Little Mercies exists with thanks to both Max and Noel Venning, the brothers behind Three Sheets in Dalston, and with the help of Rosey Mitchell previously of 69 Colebroke Road and Drinks Factory fame.

Open from 5pm to 12pm Wednesday to Sunday

Menu Menu



Passionfruit Vodka, Pink Passionfruit Cordial, Wine, Verjus, Bubbles£9

Coffee Picon

Amer Picon, Cold Drip Coffee, Orange£9

Peach Tea

Silver Tip Tea, Ocho Blanco Tequila, Peach, Clary Sage, Soda£9

Delicious Sour

Victory Vodka, Cider Brandy, Sour Apple, Apple Caramel, Egg White£9

Strawberry Spritz

Strawberry, Martini Vermouths, El Gobernador Pisco, Soda£9

Flower Sour

Marigold, Jasmine, Victory Gin, Lemon, Egg White£9

Cherry Negroni

Victory Gin, Cherry Vermouth, Campari£9

Rooiboos + Rye

Verjus, Rooibos, Vanilla, Red Apple, Soda£9

Old Fashioned

Caramelised White Chocolate, Buffalo Trace Bourbon£9

Leaf Martini

Victory Gin, Martini Dry Vermouth, Avocado Leaf Cordial£9


Strawberry + Coconut

Clarified Strawberry Cordial, Green Tea, Coconut, Soda£5

Peach + Lemongrass

Lemongrass, Peach Cordial, Silver Needle Tea, Soda£5

Apple + Rooibos

Rooibos Tea, Red Apple Cordial, Verjus, Vanilla, Soda£5

Fig + Lemon

Lemon, Clarified Fig, Soda£5


Mulled Wine

Frankincense, Cinnamon, Tonka, Pommeau, Grenache£7

Hot Cider

Bramley Apple Juice, Cider Brandy, Frankincense, Cinnamon£7

Italian Coffee

White Chocolate Jameson Whiskey, Salted Coffee, Hazelnut Cream£9



Magredale 2017 (Italian) £6/32
Gavi La Fornace 2016 (Italian) £7.5/38
Aphros Vinho Verde 2016 (Portuguese) £9/50
Terret Thierry Navarra 2015 (France) £10.5/55


Terre de Mistral 2016 (French) £6/32
Samuari Shiraz 2017 (Australian) £7.5/38
Baglio Rosso 2016 (Italian) £8.5/47
Damiano Ciolli Silene 2015 (Italian) £10.5/55


Coteaux Varois Rosé 2017 (French) £8/45
Vino Bianco da Tavola 2016 (Italian) £10/55
Pheasants Tears Rkatsiteli 2016 (Georgian) £9/45
L’Apostrophe Rosé 2016 (French) £10/55


Val d’Oca Prosecco NV (Italian) £6/32
Champagne Deville NV (French) £11/60

Beers & Ciders


Lukas - Thornbridge (Lager)£3.5
Rafiki - Villages (Session IPA)£3.5
Arise - Burning Sky (IPA)£3.75
Mercies Bitter - Little Mercies (Bitter)£3.75
Guinness (Dry Stout)£3.75

Cans & Bottles

1936 - 1936 Biere (Lager)£4.5
Sleeping Limes - Wild Beer (Sour)£4.5
Hoi Polloi - Alphabet Brewing Co (Lager)£4.5
Charlie Dont Surf - Alphabet Brewing Co (Session IPA)£4.5
Cidre Breton - Normandy (Farmhouse Cider)£4

Food Food

Bar Snacks

Fried Chicken

Brined chicken thighs, burnt green chilli salad£7

Steak Bun

Bavette, roasted garlic aioli, onions, watercress, brioche£10


Slow cooked onions, mixed mushrooms, maple sriracha£5.5

Triple Cooked Chips

Crispy chips, tuscan salt, garlic mayo£4.5

Sharing Plates


Salted anchovies, rosemary oil, lemon, sourdough£7

Hispi Cabbage

Grilled cabbage, shrimp butter£7.5


Braised leeks, toasted hazelnuts, bagna cauda£7.5

Tempura Enoki

Enoki mushrooms, black garlic mayo, chervil£7

Pork + Celeriac

Tenderloin, remoulade, pickled celeriac, crispy capers£9.5

Lardo Toast

Whipped lardo, pickled black walnut, chives£8.5

Chicory Salad

Yellow chicory, goats curd, preserved lemon, almond£7

Beef Crumpet

Blue cheese rarebit, beef, sourdough crumpet£6

Roast Carrots

Baby carrots, carrot & miso puree, crispy cabbage, buckwheat£6.5


From 16th March, Sat & Sun 12-4pm

Bubble + Squeak

Cotechino, bubble + squeak, sauerkraut, wild garlic, green sauce£7.5

Egg Bun

Tomato nduja, potato rosti, fried egg, applewood, pickles, brioche£7

Avocado Toast

Lime yoghurt, avocado, chilli sauce, onions, cashews, sourdough£7.5

Mushroom Toast

Mixed mushrooms, slow cooked onions, cashew butter, herbs, toast£7.5

Cheese Toastie

Four cheese toastie, chipotle ketchup£7

PB&J Pain Perdue

Toasted brioche, peanut butter, strawberry jam£6.5


Pickled Onions Rings£3.5

Poached Egg£1


Broccoli, Bagna Cauda, Cured Egg£4.5

Coffee Coffee

We use Alchemy Coffee, occupying a unique space in the UK coffee industry, Alchemy is an importer and roaster, retailer and wholesaler.

The Opus blend we use is a nutty, approachable coffee.

50% Brazil Mundo Novo
25% Brazil Yellow Bourbon.
25% Colombia Meridiano

Food location

Contact Contact

Open from 5pm to 12pm
Wednesday to Sunday

Kitchen closes at 11pm
+44 (0)78 5225 3136

20 Broadway Parade,
Crouch End,
London, N8 9DE